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2014 - Present

Civil Engineering Firm

Marketing direction for this fast-growing civil engineering firm involves not only design, but robust CRM and project tracking systems.

Presentation Design


Website Design

Print & Collateral

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Urban Design Consulting Engineers

Over the years working with UDCE, I've designed all of their digital and print collateral, created their website, managed their social media and communications, and developed their CRM/ project tracking systems. UDCE is a dynamic, small civil engineering firm that responds to many RFQ's and RFP's - which I also write and submit. In the last few years, the firm has pivoted towards providing joint trench design services for affordable housing developments throughout the Bay Area. I've helped support this shift through research, client relationship management, and refreshed marketing materials.

With hundreds of projects in the UDCE portfolio, project tracking is paramount. I've created databases in Hubspot and Airtable to help manage project facts, marketing stats, and client relationships. These provide valuable and timely information to the firm's decision-makers.

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