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Let's talk about me

I am an artist and graphic designer with over 20 years of experience helping market small to medium businesses. With a background in marketing for architects and engineers, I'm particularly aware of the issues these firms face and what's under the hood.

I bring creative ideas that spring from deep research and passionate possibilities to every project. I'm detail-oriented, thorough, and deadline-centric. I believe in beauty and strive to fulfill its ever-changing demands.

As an interdisciplinary artist, I draw, paint, sculpt, build and write. My style has been described as conceptual popfolk earthwork. For 10 years, I ran frankenart mart, a participatory, always in progress, crudely hewn, conceptual art-in-practice store with tool wielding cats, hot dog days, and changing themes in San Francisco. I now reside in Colorado where I have my eyes on developing an unmine art mine.


Email Campaigns

Presentation Design

Graphic Design

Website Design

Product Design

Print & Collateral



Art Direction

Branding & Identity

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